The Five-Minute Capital Campaign 

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Vision Clarification

Leadership Development

 Going Public


This video series will help you develop a spiritual journey of generosity that fully funds your church's vision.

About the Five-Minute Capital Campaign Series

Video #1: Vision Clarification

Video #2: Leadership Development

Video #3: Going Public

Video #4: Followthru

Have you ever wrestled with these problems?

"We are running out of room in our current facility, but a new building is expensive."

"Debt is crippling our ability to do what we believe God has called us to do."

"I think we need to do a campaign, but I have heard bad stories about them."

These videos will help you craft a campaign that overcomes these challenges. Click the button below for FREE access!

We believe your church can implement a campaign that is not merely a fundraiser, but helps develop more fully devoted followers of Jesus, and raises money to fulfill His vision for your church

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